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We have chosen to participate, cooperate, dance,play, struggle(pick a term that feels right for you)  in this sometimes overwhelming reality and are continually being reminded that we are infinite expressions of a Divine Imagination that defies the structure of words. 

This structure  of vocabulary and this energy of linear time continues to push us from the cocoon into higher levels of awareness. We constantly desire to express the limitless through our limited experience.  

The telling of our stories, the relaying about "who we be" are one of the optimal ways to remind ourselves of our choices along this linear path and to remind others of theirs.

Le Guru is You!Radio appreciates that all of us are Gurus (dispellers of darkness) and LGIY recognizes the inherent wisdom each of us possess. This acknowledgement will undoubtedly help others as they dance with their own unique questions. 

Claim your guru-ship, add to your legacy here on the earth plane. For more information check out Why LGIY?

Feb 3, 2016

This week's guest Guru, Kent "Shows up and gets down to it"  he teaches us the importance of keeping it fun and trusting in oneself and to be careful of this idea of perfection and the grand realization that this moment is enough and there is so much more that we have to experience.
For those that would like to experience more of guru Kent's Yoga teachings either send an email to or check out Kent's website:

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